Savings & Investments

Share (Savings) Accounts

Whether you just need to place a stash of cash short term or you’re looking for long-term investment vehicles, your Credit Union has what you need.

The minimum required to open this account is the purchase of a $5 share in the credit union. You must maintain a minimum daily balance of $100.00 in your account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.

money market Accounts

The money market account from your Credit Union gives you a highly liquid, secure investment paying dividend rates that are adjusted with changes in market conditions.

The minimum balance requirement for this account is $5,000.00. You must maintain a minimum daily balance of $5,000.00 in your account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.

Christmas Club Accounts

Christmas list growing throughout the year? Open a Jeep Country Christmas Club account today.

Minimum deposit to open the account is $5.00 You may not make any withdrawals from the account during the club term. At the end of the term, you have an option to receive a check or have the funds transferred to your credit union savings or checking account.

IRA Share Accounts

Start planning for your retirement today by opening an IRA account at your Credit Union. With outstanding rates and funds that grow tax deferred year after year, an IRA account is an important part of your long-term savings portfolio. A Traditional IRA offers tax-deferred earnings and the possibility of tax deductible contributions. A Roth IRA is funded by non-deductible contributions but gives owners the opportunity for tax-free withdrawals.

Share Certificate Accounts

Share Certificates from your Credit Union are an excellent investment opportunity if you do not need immediate access to your funds and want to invest for longer periods to obtain high rates of return.

The term "non interest-bearing account" includes a traditional share draft account (or demand deposit account) on which the insured credit union pays no interest or dividend. It does not include any transaction account that may earn interest or dividends, a negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) account, money-market deposit account and interest on lawyers trust account (IOLTA), even if share drafts may be drawn on the account. For more information about temporary NCUA insurance coverage of transaction accounts, visit

Investment Account Rates

Investment Type Dividend Rate APY*
Shares - $5 to open account, $100 Minimum to earn dividends .10% .10%
Christmas Club - $5 minimum deposit to earn dividends .05% .05%
IRA Shares - $500 Minimum to earn dividends .50% .50%
Money Market Account (tiered rates)
$5k-$9,999 .25% .25%
$10k-$49,999 .50% .50%
$50k-$99,999 .75% .750%
$100k-$149,999 1.736% 1.750%
$150k - $249,999 1.736% 1.750%
$250K+ 1.736% 1.750%
6 Month Share Certificate - $1000 Minimum 1.00% 1.00%
12 Month Share Certificate - $1000 Minimum 1.74% 1.75%
24 Month Share Certificate - $1000 Minimum 1.74% 1.75%
36 Month Share Certificate - $1000 Minimum 2.476% 2.500%
48 Month Share Certificate - $1000 Minimum 2.476% 2.500%

** Investment  Rates are are accurate as of 7.15.19  Share certificates have fixed rates for fixed terms and incur a penalty for early withdrawal.  Fees could reduce the earnings on the account. Money Market account dividend rate may change after account is opened if the balance moves from one tier to the other. Rates are expressed in annual percentage yields. All Time Share Certificates have a minimum deposit of $1,000. Dividends cannot be paid in excess of earnings. Contact a JCFCU employee for information on fees, early withdrawal penalties and account terms. Rates subject to change.