Community Outreach

donation request

The Credit Union will consider any donation and sponsorship request that originates from a member. If the organization (or club, or school, or church) has anyone that is a member of the credit union that member must submit a request. It will then be taken into consideration. Click the button below for a donation request.

Children's Miracle Network donation center

The Credit Union employees enjoy collecting donations every year for the Children's Miracle Network. We are currently selling candy bars to help support this great cause.  Please buy a candy bar the next time you stop into one of our branches.  Thank you!

Ronald Mcdonald pop tab donation center

Pop, Soda, Beer, anything drinkable that comes in a can, we don't care. Just drink it and bring us in the tabs from those aluminum cans!

The Jeep Country Federal Credit Union is a donation center for the Ronald McDonald House. You can drop your can tabs off at any location.

Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation is the illegal or improper use of another person’s money or property for personal profit or gain. Financial exploitation of adults who are elderly or disabled is an increasing problem and protecting them from becoming victims is everyone’s business. To learn more click here.