CU Kid's Club

Hey, Kid’s, look here to keep updated on the latest activities and events happening at your credit union.  Click on the special links to explore other fun and exciting sites.

Jeep Country Federal Credit Union’s Kid’s Club is available to members 12 years old and younger.  Benefits of the club are:

Kid's Club Starter Kit:

  • Coin Saver
  • Pencil
  • Passbook
  • Special Membership Card
  • Piggy Bank (for brand new members)
  • Birthday Cards (redeemable for a gift)
  • Special Newsletters
  • Contests
  • Special Events

So, if you’re not already a member of this special club, ask your parents to contact the credit union so you can get started saving your way to the future!

 * Birthday gifts are nominal gifts of less than $10 and no purchase is required. A purchase will not improve your chances for any gift advertised. All kid club participants may collect their gift at any credit union location.