Member Services


24 Hour Services

Telephone Response System
With your Credit Union’s telephone response system, most of your credit union transactions may be conducted at your convenience, 24 hours a day, from any Touch-Tone® telephone. Check account balances, transfer between accounts, see what checks have cleared, and more. It is easy-to-use and confidential. You must have a secret code to access your account.

ATM access
ATM Cards and MasterCard Debit cards(check cards)are available to members who have checking accounts at the credit union.

Home Banking CYBERCU


Shared Branching Network - Now your Credit Union is Everywhere!!


Convenience Items
The following items are available from Jeep Country Federal Credit Union:

  • Money Orders
  • Travelers Checks
  • Check Cashing
  • Notary Service
  • MasterCard Debit Cards
  • ATM Cards
  • VISA Credit Cards
  • VISA Gift Cards

Payroll Deduction
Take a portion of your paycheck and have it automatically deposited to your share account. Most members find payroll deduction the most convenient method of making loan payments.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit enables you to have your entire paycheck, Social Security check or other recurring government check automatically deposited at your credit union account on payday. This eliminates standing in line to deposit your check or worrying about your check being lost or stolen if you’re out of town.
Discounted Amusement Park Tickets - Click on the logo and use the following information to access ticket sales:

PW = nwc


CEDAR POINT JR/SR.       $44

RIDE & SLIDE 2 DAY        $75
RIDE & REFRESH             $54
SOAK CITY                       $34

There is a $5.99 online ordering fee.  You may also buy tickets at the office at no additional charge.


You must use the following User ID and Password to access the site:  User ID: kinwocu  Password: nwocu

There is a $5.00 online ordering fee per order, not ticket.  We DO NOT sell these tickets at the office.




USE PROMO CODE:  NWOCUOA (Must be in caps)

- Walleye tickets are $14 each for all walkup purchases at the box office and $15.50 each for online purchases



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